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Data leakage (data theft or losing data) is a big problem these days according to a study commissioned by Cisco. 70% of the IT professionals believe that “Unauthorized application use” like Dropbox or Google Drive is the culprit of data loss incidents. Systems for file share & sync should answer to two major requirements in order to be useful; User-friendliness combined with top-notch security. This combination of requirements is where Storgrid Excels. A user will not know that files are encrypted. The only time he gets a glimpse of this, is when a user edits a file on a workstation. Instead of double clicking on a file, the user needs to activate the context menu of that file in order to edit or view it. No extra software to be installed, no backup of encryption keys, it is all part of the integrated Storgrid Solution. For Client Side Security Storgrid uses Attribute Based Encryption (ABE). ABE is simply a way to control access to data in a secure way using attributes stored in cryptographic keys. Because of this ABE is much more efficient then the traditional way of encrypting files, especially when you are working with enormous amounts of data.

To prevent data leakage Storgrid supports the following procedures:

  • Storgrid encrypts each file on a client or mobile device. Only an authorized user can edit or view files.
  • Encrypted Files can only be viewed or edited in a container via a built-in editor on a mobile device
  • When a user decrypt a file on a workstation, the lifetime of the unencrypted file is short (maximum 30 minutes)
  • Storgrid applies additional Server side data encryption (at-rest)
  • All cryptographic keys are renewed and re-generated all the time, making it hard to decrypt files if an unauthorized user has access to an encrypted file
  • If a user leaves the company, the user is removed centrally without re-encrypting the data the user had access to. Access is prohibited instantly on all files.
  • AES-256 is used for encryption, which is one of the strongest cipher methodologies available.

All functionalities above combined with Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides the highest level of technical security available in the market today.

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