File sharing use case: Telecommunications Company

The following File Sharing Use Case is an example of a Storgrid deployment at an Telecommunications Company

The Company This Telecommunications Company has long garnered an undisputable reputation for its pragmatic approach to quality services. Riding on the advantage of the advanced Glass-In-Gas (GIG) techniques from Europe, the company, as a carrier-neutral telecommunication service provider, is best known as the provider of high-end telecommunication infrastructure and quality network solutions. It is also the provider of choice for various renowned corporations, international network service providers, and professional clients in the provision of bespoke, low-cost and highly efficient services.

Business Challenge With the changing rules of the game of data sharing, also this company recognized that it was important to get a grip on uncontrolled mobile data. More and more employees were using consumer grade solutions for their professional challenges of data sharing. In order to prevent leaking of data this issue needed to be addressed in a professional manner. Having already set up a cloud solution for their other business needs, like online backup and IAAS, adding Storgrid to the solution was quick and easy.

Solution This telecommunications company uses Storgrid for their internal clients as a full Enterprise File Share and Sync solution (EFSS). With its extensive features, it accommodates it users in their need to acces the required files at the location and time that they choose. Many of them work mobile, making mobile access to crucial documents of the utmost importance. The non-intrusive implementation where no data needed to be migrated was done in hours by connecting the Storgrid server directly with their active directory in a hosted datacenter. Not only the existing right structures were observed, also a detailed reporting possibility was activated, allowing the company full insights into who shared what with whom.

Key Benefits Storgrid offers the company the following benefits:

  • Instant access to the relevant files at any location for any authorized employee
  • Extensive collaboration possibilities Diminishing the paper trail, no more need to send around big physical files
  • The company is in full control of the data
  • Possibility to set access rights, f.e. read only, write or full access, per document, per user.
  • Reduction in cost by using existing infrastructure and a very affordable license structure