File Sharing Use Case: Medical Services Company

The following File Sharing Use Case is an example of a Storgrid deployment at a Medical Services Company

The Company
This medical services provider records and analyses electrocardiograms for hospitals, clinics, medical specialists and general practitioners. All data are analysed with the utmost precision and reliability. Since the establishment in 1977, over 1.5 million ECG’s have been analysed.

Business Challenge
The company needed a new way of sharing medical information with their customers based upon the new ISO certification and compliancy. A solution with logging possibilities was a required and all data had to remain behind the existing firewall, in order to comply with the local rules and regulations. Storgrid turned out to be a natural fit, offering all requested features and more.

Being able to pinpoint who is doing what with the data and knowing were the data is located, eliminates the uses for traditional FTP servers and other services. By deploying Storgrid, the medical services provider can leverage its existing infrastructure, making additional investments unnecessary. Data can now be shared safely, without slowing down the infrastructure or the bandwidth.

Key Benefits
Storgrid allows the company to comply with all set rules and regulations. Also the required ISO certification is now attainable and meanwhile the company is delivering a more innovative and robust solution to its clients. Sharing large files is no longer an issue.