File Sharing Use Case: Financial Services Company

The following File Sharing Use Case is an example of a Storgrid deployment at a Financial Services Company

The Company
This independent multi-disciplined financial services firm, providing wealth management, retirement plans, employee benefits and risk management solutions is well known in Europe. As such, information security is the top priority for the Network Administrator.

Business Challenge
Its account executives spend the majority of their time out on client sites and needed the ability to access their client’s files securely from any location. The company needed a secure way to share files since they often worked with confidential financial files and benefit files that needed to remain HIPAA compliant. To provide employees with this anywhere access, the company searched for a suitable EFSS solution to meet their needs. The IT Director found and signed up for Storgrid to enable account executives to load and access files at any time, at any location. The bulk of the company’s files resided on several file servers within the firewall. Going 100% cloud was not an option for the company since the organization valued the speed and business continuity associated with local access within the LAN.

They evaluated numerous options including traditional NAS solutions like Dell Equalogic and NetApp. The company chose NetApp because NetApp was a Tier 1 solution and had a seamless integration with Storgrid’s Software through NetApp Connect, which they were already using for file sharing. After investigating the benefits of the Storgrid-NetApp integration, the company decided to invest in a NetApp FAS 2220 system. The FAS system would house all files locally providing the CIFS access that employees needed. The Storgrid integration synchronized files to the cloud providing the remote access and sharing with the remote employees. Migrating to the NetApp FAS 2220 allowed the company to consolidate numerous silos of storage into one NetApp filer and deliver cloud benefits such as anywhere access and sharing.

The company has also been able to get rid of their backup services since the data is stored in the NetApp Connect/Storgrid deployment and it maintains multiple copies for redundancy. The solution seamlessly integrated with their Active Directory server so the network administrator simply mapped employees to a new mount point on their computers within the office. He is now also able to centrally manage file access and permissions. He sets permissions in one place and Storgrid manages the access from the cloud and NetApp share without compromising local access speed.

Key Benefits
Employees love the flexibility and speed of accessing files via the Storgrid plus NetApp solution. Having NetApp local storage onsite provides fast local access for employees working in the office. Additionally, employees needing to access files from client sites or from their remote office can access files via the private cloud.