Storgrid File Sharing Use Case: Cloud Provider

The following File Sharing Use Case is an example of a Storgrid deployment at a Cloud Provider

The Company
This company is a cloud service provider who focus on providing SaaS-based offerings to all kind of enterprise customers.  Established in Asia to serve the local market as a start, this cloud service provider aims at being a leading cloud service provider in Asia Pacific region.
Vision of setting up the company is to bridge the gap between the technology vendors (IT supply) and enterprise customers (IT demand), which is the growing gap because of the getting diversified and getting complicated technologies, and also the consumerization of enterprise customer buying behaviour.

Business Challenge
In order to be able to offer an all inclusive cloud offering, the company was looking to find a manageable EFSS solution for its customers. The solution needed to be able to fully integrate in the platform already built and needed to be genuinely multi tenant to accommodate multiple clients in completely separated domains. The solution needed to be independent, not tied to one of the big storage vendors in order to maintain independency.

With Storgrid, the service provider is able to offer its clients a full EFFS solution, complementing the other services offered. By offering this solution its clients are able to share, sync and collaborate on files, while being in full control of the whereabouts.

Key Benefits
Storgrid offers the cloud provider the following benefits:

  • Instant access to the relevant files at any location for any authorised employee
  • Extensive collaboration possibilities
  • Diminishing the paper trail, no more need to send around big physical files
  • The company is in full control of the data
  • Effortless implementation of the software, no data migration needed
  • Possibility to set access rights, f.e. read only, write or full access, per document, per user.
  • Reduction in cost by using existing infrastructure and a affordabll license structure