SECURE FILE SHARE AND SYNC IN THE Entertainment – Production & Video Editing INDUSTRY

Production and post-production of movies and video content requires rapid collaboration to complete these projects on-time and there is the challenge of having to potentially manage lots of edits to complete the video project. These video editing revisions create the need to work with multiple versions of files until getting to final production.

Why Storgrid

o Dynamic Collaboration and Sharing of Content

  • From the office, a recording studio, or the road, your team can work together on any device close to hand.
  • Simplicity for anyone to pick up a version level real-time for review and create a new iteration without disrupting creativity.
  • No email, FTP, or firewall issues. Your files are easily available wherever you need them. • Reduce production cycle time with real-time sharing of digital files among artists, post-production crews, and media broadcasters.
  • Enable producers to create, edit, and share files with office workers, in the studio, and on the go.

o File Sharing Management

  • Provide centralized management of change control for read and write privileges and policies for group team members to maintain integrity to the content.
  • Changes and comments are automatically captured and shared. Version history is automatically tracked.
  • Large image or video files are easily shared and version management is simplified. • Offline mode lets you work on files without an Internet connection. Once back online, content automatically syncs.

o Secure Production and Distribution of Content

  • Ability to send, share, and collaborate on very large files to meet the requirements of global distribution and development team collaboration.
  • Provide distribution of a range of production content including video files, audio, and images for distribution channels including consumers, broadcasters, and media sites for worldwide access.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with efficient collaboration that delivers faster production turnaround by eliminating email and file transfers.
  • Track who has viewed content and when based on time stamp.
  • Protect intellectual property (IP) of copyrighted content and prevent data leaks with 128-bit encryption, AD/LDAP, and SSO integration.
  • Enable password protection and recipient identity verification safeguards for added security of released content.

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