Secure file share and sync in Advertising


Secure File Share and Sync in the Advertising Industry

Ad agencies need a simple way to work collaboratively on developing advertising campaigns by engaging a wide range of internal and external client departments including sales, business development, and marketing of the client environment along with customer focus groups, industry analysts, and consultants. Success depends on enabling teamwork among all contributors in the group.

Why Storgrid

o BYOD & Mobility

  • Enable BYOD to easily review projects from secure folders.
  • Support popular notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

o Version Control

  • Centralize version control to keep diverse teams of internal/external group members in sync as they execute tasks.
  • Provide comments throughout the life of the project management cycle.

o No File Size Limits

  • Eliminate email attachment limits with large advertising project content.
  • Efficiently manage the integration of data, digital images, and video content.

o Collaboration Permissions

  • Provide for engagement of one-time users to a group.
  • Simply add and remove collaborators throughout the life of a project.

o Location Flexibility

  • Create, develop, and deliver advertising campaign concepts and content at any location.
  • Support virtual team members that are remote.

o Advanced Security

  • Single sign-on (SSO), Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, and group management for greater controls on access and privileges.
  • Audit, monitor, and control through logging and auditing of all files and groups.

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