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Traditional file sharing is part of any organization in any industry. So why should that be any different with Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS)? Storgrid’s software is deployed across all kinds of industries and provides unique value to those customers.

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Storgrid EFSS Software

Customer Showcase

Storgrid is widely used across the globe. Both in the profit and the non-profit sectors. Our most recent customer show case illustrates the added value of Storgrid in their organisation.

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Storgrid Deployment Models

Storgrid Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Storgrid realises that to gain acceptance within enterprise class IT organizations, deployment models must respect official policies. The external server model sometimes provokes resistance. In response to such concerns Storgrid has a ‘Hybrid’ deployment strategy, which converts Storgrid into a flexible tool that can adhere to any corporate deployment model.

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Example of Storgrid architecture in an IT environment

Example of Storgrid architecture in an IT environment

Storgrid reference architecture

Storgrid is easy to install on your existing IT environment and does not require any migration of existing data. Your data remains safely behind your firewall, while Storgrid grants mobile access to your authorised workforce.

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