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About Storgrid, The File Sync and Share Software

About Storgrid, The File Sync and Share Software

About Storgrid, The File Sync and Share Software

Storgrid EFSS Software

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About Storgrid, The File Sync and Share Software

About Storgrid

Storgrid is a secure software platform for creating secure enterprise file sharing and sync solutions. First of all, it protects information when workers use mobile devices or distribute files to others. People are using insecure personal mobile devices (BYOD). And consumer apps at work to access and distribute files. So Storgrid provides workers and organizations with a secure alternative that facilitates productivity while protecting information. With Storgrid, you support mobile users and manage file sharing without losing control. Finally, information remains on your existing servers and storage. And authorized users access files through secure apps and browsers using desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Unlike hosted alternatives, the Storgrid software-based platform uses existing infrastructure for superior return on investment (ROI). The Software has been developed over the last decade and has been launched to the market in 2011. Storgrid has 6 software releases per year with smaller software updates in between. Storgrid has been founded in The Netherlands and has its main offices in The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Santa Clara, California.

About our software

In today’s distributed enterprise the need to share information has gone beyond what traditional systems can provide. Enterprise users have gotten used to the ease of cloud file sync and share (FSS) consumer-grade applications such as Dropbox. Furthermore, Enterprise users are looking for a simple, easy way to share files in their business environment.

Enterprise IT, on the other hand, are concerned with controlling where data is sent. Due to how it is shared and how secure it is both in-transit and when stored in the cloud. Recent breaches into public consumer cloud services have proven those concerns to be justified. And the only solution is creating a secure, easy-to-use alternative.

The Secure, Private Cloud File Sync & Share Solution

Storgrid provides an enterprise-grade alternative to consumer cloud applications, utilizing private cloud infrastructure and providing end-to-end security. Managed via Storgrid Portal, the solution allows enterprises and service providers to set up file share and sync services for their users based on a variety of object storage platforms.

Storgrid’s file sync and share solution can be used as:

  • FTP alternative and large file transfer
  • Secure file access for BYOD users
  • Secure file access for your distributed workforce (any place, any time)
  • Shared team workspaces
  • File syndication (one-to-many or few-to-many)

Integration with Active Directory / LDAP

Use your existing Active Directory or LDAP directory services for identity management and user authentication, avoiding duplicate directory services. Ensuring rapid deployment and maintaining role-based access privileges. Also AD groups can also be leveraged to determine user privileges and for setting up shared project folders.

Multiple Folder Synchronization

Cloud access is not always guaranteed and at times may be slow. User files are automatically synchronized between their PC or laptop and their (private) cloud folder. With folder sync, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

Storgrid supports multi-folder sync, whereby any folder can be selected for synchronization. Either with a collaboration project folder or with a private cloud folder, with virtually no limit on the number of folders or their location.

Team Collaboration

Storgrid’s file sync and share solution allows users to set up joint (private) cloud storage workspaces in the form of ‘cloud folders’. Most of all for collaborating with colleagues, including the following features:

  • Define read/write privileges and time-limited access
  • Bi-directional synchronization of folders on their PCs with each other
  • One-way synchronization for file syndication
  • Conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions
  • Ad-hoc sharing using time-limited invitation URLs
  • Role-based privileges for allowing users to create shared project folders

Multi-Platform End-Point

Storgrid file sync & share includes clients for Windows, Mac and Linux, and mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android devices. The mobile apps include remote wipe functionality, to allow for deletion of synchronized data in the event of a stolen or lost mobile device.

Auditing for Compliance

Storgrid allows IT to log all file access and sync events for auditing purposes. In addition shared data is on a tighter supervision. Over how and with whom data is shared. For regulatory compliance and security purposes.

Storgrid - A great place to work

Joining the revolution: Join Storgrid

Storgrid is a software development company driven by innovation, quality and specializes in application development for the cloud storage market. Over the past years Storgrid has grown from a small business supplier into an ‘enabling’ international strategic partner for the cloud storage service providers market. Storgrid’s mission is to simplify data management from the disk drive all the way to the mobile device in a secure manner. The ability to provide organizations with a complete file-, backup and archive solution in one single installation combined with secure universal access.

In short: ’IP – anytime, anywhere, any place on any internet device’ We are currently looking for talented additions to our teams, to help us grow and write the next chapter in our company’s story.

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About Storgrid


Storgrid EFSS Software