Status Update

Dear Customer/Visitor,

It has been a long time since we gave a status update of our development efforts and our roadmap. We have been working hard on the user interface of the web client, and we have made it very user-friendly and improved overall performance! This for now remains work in progress, but we’re planning to release the new interface Q1 of 2019.

Besides the already awesome security features like:

  • End point Encryption using Attribute Based Encryption which is extremely efficient and fast (ABE) 
  • SmartOffice on mobile devices without data leakage
  • Military Grade Storage encryption

Some upcoming new features are:

  • Upload files using a share link (one time upload)
  • File Search from the web client
  • AliCloud support and S3 Object Storage

Please check back often to see what our next changes will be and for the exact release dates.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

The Storgrid Team