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Storgrid Pricing

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Would you like to buy Storgrid now for your organisation?

As Storgrid is only selling its software through partners we happily direct you to our regional partners. Select a Service Provider if you are looking for a hosted solution. If there is no representation in your region, please contact us either by phone or by email.

Storgrid Pricing & Licensing

At Storgrid we understand that every company has its own requirements with regard to licenses and pricing. As Storgrid is a true enterprise File Share and Sync Software only solution, our licences start at a minimum of 25 user licences including a server license. Storgrid has standard single server or high availability (HA) multi server licences available. User packs can easily be added and so can additional premium services.

For smaller deployments we advise you to use our software via one of our Service Providing Partners.

For Service Providers that would like to build their own EFSS Solution based on Storgrid, licensing through a Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) is available. In this licensing agreement a monthly calculation, based on registered users and irrespective of the amount of single servers or HA servers used, will determine the charges.

The Storgrid software pricing is highly competitive, as no storage is included, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure. Storgrid requires no data migration nor a database license. Deployment is straightforward and is set up within hours.