Decrypt and earn a Bitcoin right away ..

The last three years we have been working hard at StorGrid developing a cryptography solution for mobile devices. One of the challenges we had was to make the program easy to use. It seems that the more secure you make a system, the harder it is to use it. Think of these Password checkers who tell you that your password must consist of a minimum of 10 characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one digit, and preferably another weird character .. And you should change your password every month again … Nice idea, but of course this will never work. We decided therefore to develop a concept called “Zero Knowledge encryption “. In other words, no knowledge is required in order to work fully secured. In fact we found out that the biggest security breaches are not being caused by inattentiveness, nor by deliberately peculating or sharing with unauthorized people, but by ignorance. People are often unaware that their tablets or smartphones may contain important files, which, if you lose your phone or tablet, or if it gets stolen, become accessible to the finders or the thieves.

Well, I do not know about you, but I do not like to think about security of my data all the time. I think that everything should just work. I have a few passwords I use to access stuff online and offline and, as an extra security layer, I sometimes need to use a 4 digit Pincode, and that should be enough for me. At least, it is the maximum that I want to use to be secure, and to work hapily. I also do not want to worry about sensitive data, if, by chance, my phone is lost or stolen. So, the system we have invented for Storgrid is based on ease of use and simplicity … If we use our system to encrypt a file, then it should just be safe .. Encryption keys must be dynamically distributed, may not reside on a mobile device, and are only valid during a session, also expire after a certain time, and the encryption itself must be impermeable.. But how can you convinde people that our encryption solution is rock solid? What if you challenge people to crack the encryption system? and if they succeed that the reward will become visible immediately? If people know that they are legally allowed to open a closed safe via all means neccesary, and they just get what is in that safe the moment they succeed, then it must surely be a challenge? We are convinced of the safety of our solution, and as the Americans say: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

The challenge:

We have encrypted a Bitcoin with our Storgrid encryption technology. You can put a bitcoin in a so-called “paper wallet” and we have done so. We have saved this paper wallet as a PDF file, and then encrypted this file via StorGrid. The file is now called “uw_bitcoin.pdf.sef” where SEF stands for StorGrid Encrypted File. This file can be downloaded via this LINK. If you succeed to break the encryption, you can read the PDF, scan the QR code with your bitcoin wallet, and wham, one Bitcoin, or 400 Dollar, in your pocket .. The public part of this paper wallet can be seen HERE, it is the public address on the block chain where you see the Bitcoin.

Who dares 😉

Edwin van der Hooft

COO Storgrid