How Oracle and Storgrid offer a complete EFSS solution

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EFSS solution - Architecture EFSS using AD and Oracle ZFS (NAS)

How Oracle and Storgrid offer a complete EFSS solution

Oracle’s premier application engineered storage for multiprotocol environments delivers extreme performance, superior efficiency for VM and Cloud storage environments and deep Oracle integration. The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is designed to run applications faster and more efficiently, increase business and IT productivity, save valuable resources and reduce risk – lowering total cost of ownership. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, based on an innovative storage architecture, delivers leading performance, management simplicity, and unparalleled efficiency to reduce storage sprawl, complexity, and cost. As only Oracle can co-engineer hardware and software together, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance offers unique Oracle Database integration within a robust storage platform that complements the extreme performance of Oracle engineered systems, Oracle’s SPARC and Sun x86 servers, and Oracle Solaris and Linux.

When used as NAS and connected to Active Directory or any other LDAP for authentication an enterprise file-serving environment is created. When fully deployed using SnapShot and local mirror technology for back-up and recovery a high Available, secure and scalable enterprise file serving solution is created. Storage efficiency is created using compression and inline de-duplication to decrease footprint and lower the TCO even more.

Creating File Serving 2.0

Storgrid software is easily installed atop existing File Service infrastructures. Storgrid is a secure platform for creating secure EFSS solutions that protect information when workers use mobile devices or distribute files to others. Today people are using insecure personal mobile devices (BYOD) and consumer apps at work to access and distribute files. Storgrid provides workers and organizations with a secure alternative that facilitates productivity while protecting information. With Storgrid, you support mobile users and manage file sharing without losing control. We call it File Serving 2.0.

High-level Enterprise Infrastructure overview

Underneath a high-level infrastructure overview for an extra secure environment where a DMZ is used for serving the Storgrid application to Internet over SSL. The Storgrid software is designed to be used in heavy load environments since the application is stateless and load balance aware. Security can be added throughout the complete design. Storgrid is a Java based application that can be installed on Linux or Windows using physical or virtual servers in a standard or high available configuration. In this example we use Oracle x86 servers with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux 7 for the Storgrid implementation. The Storgrid application connects to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance platforms using the SMB (Cifs) protocol or NFS using the OS layer to connect.

What do we need for the EFSS setup?

  • Oracle X86 server(s)
  • Optional: Oracle VM
  • Oracle Linux 7 (Java 7)
  • At least 2 GB of available RAM, preferably 8 GB or more
  • At least 10 GB of free disk space on local disks for installation
  • At least 2 CPU per instance / VM, preferably quad-core.
  • Active directory for authentication
  • DNS / Hostname for easy access from clients.
  • (For example
  • At least one public available IP address. (Depends on multiple SSL bindings per server)
  • Official SSL Certificate or self-signed
  • Open ports “80” and “443” in the firewalling or other security software / hardware.
  • Connection to mail server
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance (NAS) using SMB (Cifs) shares or NFS mounted on the server OS layer (preferable Linux).
Architecture EFSS using AD and Oracle ZFS (NAS)