Storgrid will power the advanced EFSSaaS offering of Mudoh Cloud

The Challenge:
Mudoh Cloud was looking for an EFSS vendor that would help them to complete the EFSSaaS offering to the Asian Market.
Established in Hong Kong to serve the local market as a start, Mudoh Cloud aims at being a leading cloud service provider in the Asia Pacific region. The platform that is the basis of Mudoh Cloud is the so called AliCloud platform, an advanced Cloud solution offered by the AliBaba group from China.

Storgrid is the only EFSS (Enterprise File Sync & Share) solution that is capable of handling the object storage technology within AliCloud, and has a state of the art End-to-end, Transit, and Server-side encryption technology in place.
Storgrid will allow Mudoh Cloud to bridge the gap between the technology vendors (IT supply) and enterprise customers (IT demand), a gap that is constantly growing because of the complexity of current security solutions, and the consumerization of IT systems.


About Mudoh Cloud:
Mudoh Cloud positions itself as an aggregator. Mudoh Cloud is only working with cutting edge technology vendors and independent agencies/consultants to transform the IT supply-chain to a much more efficient ecosystem.

About StorGrid:
Storgrid is a software platform for creating secure Enterprise File Sharing & Sync solutions that protect information when workers use mobile devices or distribute files to others.