Secure enterprise file sharing with Storgrid

Storgrid Secure enterprise file sharing


Storgrid Secure enterprise file sharing

Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Better File Storage for Users. The simplest use of Storgrid is in a new and innovative way to use home directory data. Users typically keep some files on their desktops, but these are rarely backed up in real-time and this places work between backups at risk. Other files are typically stored on file servers or NAS drives, but these are not always accessible – especially from mobile devices – so productivity is reduced. With Storgrid, users files are continuously protected and accessible from any device.

Simple Folders and Large File Sharing. Storgrid makes it simple and convenient for users to securely share folders and large files with anyone they choose via an emailed link. The email’s recipient simply clicks on the unique link they receive to navigate shared directories, folders, and files using a standard browser or by downloading a Storgrid client. This eliminates the need to “zip” folders or large files, attach files to email messages, or use inconvenient methods such as FTP transfers, and more.

Automatic File Versioning.  Storgrid automatically stores past and current versions of files and provides a simple restore capability to instantly access any version, which resolves the ransomware issues. Unlike traditional home directory options, Storgrid gives users peace of mind that previous versions of files are always recoverable. Storgrid provides a state of the art alternative to the time and resource consumptive process of submitting support tickets and requiring IT staff to recover lost or deleted files.

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