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Storgrid EFSS Software

Extended Workgroup Collaboration

Simplify Workgroup Collaboration. Workgroups often extend beyond employees to include customers, vendors, partners, agencies, and others so file sync and share across team members can quickly become complicated and chaotic. Storgrid allows each workgroup member to securely access and share files with individuals or groups for collaboration, while protecting sensitive information against unauthorized access.

Keep Team Files Synchronized. As workgroups grow the likelihood of members using different device types, operating systems, and applications increases and this complicates collaboration. With Storgrid, team files are seamlessly synchronized across all member desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones and files can be opened without worrying about apps compromising data security, integrity or protection. Plus, Storgrid preserves versions of files to allow immediate and direct access to previous versions as needed.

Support Local and Remote Users. With Storgrid, once folders or files are added with a user’s device they can be shared with local and remote users in real-time. If a user is not currently connected to a network, files and changes will be automatically synchronized the next time the device connects. This allows workgroups to collaborate without concerns over whether users are local or remote, or currently connected to a network or not, while supporting file sync and share from any device and from any location.

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