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Distributed Workforce Support

Facilitate Distributed Workforces. Storgrid is an innovative file management platform that allows companies to more easily support distributed workforces without worrying about their user’s geographical location or choice of computing devices. Using the most modern and secure connectivity open standard Internet protocols, Storgrid provides the ideal solution for companies that demand flexibility without compromises to data security.

Distribute Company Files Securely. Companies supporting users working in different locations or time zones need a solution that distributes company files securely, but without complicating the user experience or increasing workloads in IT support staff. Using Storgrid, companies securely share directories, folders, and files in a way that is simple for users to understand and use. Changes automatically appear in user’s ‘home directories’ and are seamlessly synchronized across user desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Plus, Storgrid preserves versions of files to provide users with immediate and direct access to previous versions without involving IT support staff.

Support Remote and Mobile Users. With Storgrid, once folders or files are added with a user’s device they can be shared with local and remote users in real-time. If a user is not currently connected to a network, files and changes will be automatically synchronized the next time the device connects. This allows workgroups to collaborate without concerns over whether users are local or remote, or currently connected to a network or not, while supporting file sync and share from any device and from any location.

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