Storgrid offers numerous advantages to its end users

End User

End User

End User


Storgrid is an obvious choice for the end users of our clients. The ease of use and the extensive list features that are provided by the software are by far the most important reasons to implement Storgrid.
Take a look at the relevant end user features of Storgrid:

  • Add additional information in a file/folder
  • Advanced end point encryption using Attribute Based Encryption
  • Artifex SmartOffice on Android and iOS
  • Automatic version management
  • Collaboration on file or folder level
  • Collaboration possibilities with internal and external users
  • Insight in what and how much data is synced
  • Offline folder sync
  • Only sync selected files/folders
  • Preserve folder structure when sharing files
  • Receive a message when someone changes a file/folder in my folder structure
  • Select the local destination folder where the synced files/folders are stored
  • Set 1 time use/share if desired
  • Set a password on a shared file/folder
  • Set Edit, Read, View access per file/folder per user
  • Set the duration of the share and delete the shared file if time is expired
  • Set the start date + time a share should be made available
  • Share (large) file with internal and external contacts
  • Share (large) files with multiple users
  • Show date, owner, creator and share level

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